Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I really don't have time to blog

I'm still alive ... barely.

It was nice to play some cards with the guys and gals on Sunday. Thanks again for having me out. Good times.

The kids are well, they grow up so fast. I still can't believe we are having our fourth child shortly. I think the due date is late March, but good money would be on late February, as my kids are always early.

Work is kicking my butt. I think I may be trying to overachieve, something I have never been accused of in the past.

Glad to see my favorite programs are coming back on. I haven't watched Battlestar Gallactica, the best show on tv, from Sunday night yet, but should tonight. I love that show. Myrddyn mentioned he was disappointed with the last few episodes. He did not really say why, he was crying over a lost game of guts. I think this season has rivaled the first two for quality.

I hope to watch Heroes tonight as well. This is right up there with Battlestar for me. I love that little Japanese guy; I laugh everytime he says anything.

Rome started a couple of weeks ago on HBO. I think the show is good, but really depresses me for some reason.

Extras on HBO is my new favorite comedy show. If you can, check out the first season (the second season just started). Every episode has an 'A' list actor/celebrity guest starring on the show. Ben Stiller is priceless, David Bowie and Patrick Stewart were also very good.

I haven't been reading so much lately, makes me a bit sad. The last thing I read was Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman, a great collection of short stories and poems. I need to find a good book to sink my teeth into. I love to read and miss it. If you have read anything good, in any genre, let me know, I'll check it out.