Friday, June 30, 2006

One more thought

Congratulations to Kaos and his lovely wife on the birth of their first child. He is a manly child (at least from the pictures I have seen).

I hope that he grows up to be just like his dad, whom I respect very much as an intelligent, kind, caring, witty, and fun person. And I hope he gets there in the same hellish, kaotic manner. Just desserts and all that. Just keep him away from my daughters.

Man am I lazy

Four months between posts. Given that amount of time, you would think there was some impressive output, but alas, this is it.

My oldest is nearly 4, my middle turned two a month ago on our ride back from vacation, my youngest is 7 1/2 months. Man time just flies.

I got to have all the kids by myself last night (my wife went to see Paul Simon with a friend). It turned out to be a pretty good time. I got home, got the girls up from their naps, and we spent a couple hours in the backyard playing. Then inside for dinner and off to bed. Even Sophia was co-operative, which is a recent thing for me; she used to just scream as soon as her mom left the room. And that kid can scream ... never-ending, shrill, scream-cry ... not much fun. But, she has gotten better and did not cry much at all last night. Finally over the last two weeks she has started really sleeping through the night and is out of our room (praise God for both those gifts).

Speeking of my backyard, I spent a week building a playset for the girls. It has a little fort, a slide, a rockwall, 2 swings, monkey bars, and a glider. That was fun, although it meant working until well into the dark for 3 straight nights after getting home from work. Well worth the effort as the girls love it, and now we actually use our backyard for something other than growing weeds (my yard care has really fallen off this year).

Vacation was pretty good. We drove down to the Outer Banks on a Saturday (a 10 1/2 hour drive with the several stops we needed to make to keep 3 kids happy, i.e. not crying). Spent a week at a pretty decent house a block from the beach with a hot tub and heated pool. We definitely had fun. I got to hit the beach in the morning with the girls a couple of times when everyone else was still asleep (Abby and Bella don't sleep past 6 a.m. on vacation). The one morning a bunch of guys were net-fishing on a 1/4 mile or so stretch of beach. After they had pulled in the net, they were tossing back the dead sharks and fish they couldn't use. The beach was littered with dead baby shars, including some hammerheads. This was actually pretty interesting, and I had the girls checking them out with me. At one point, I looked down at Bella who had her finger jambed into the empty eye-socket of a shark. Very pleasant. She kept talking to it, expecting some sort of exchange of niceties. He was dead, hence no response.

Work is still going well. I have just gotten busier, which sucks, but I am still don't work weekends, which doesn't suck. If any of you are looking for a lawyer, give me a call, I need to bring in some work, if possible. I can pretty much do anything you need. Look at me all pimping my job on my blog.

Look at all those words and not a rant in them. The rants are just below the surface ... must keep them down ... can't control them:

I hate the ACLU, bunch of hypocritical bastards. So, some valedictorian can't mention Jesus in her graduation speech lest someone think it might be school-sanctioned and sue the school. The bastards actually pulled the plug on her during her speech as she refused to remove the 'offensive' reference to her faith from her speech. So, ACLU loves freedom of speech as long as it's not christian speech. Would they have reacted the same way if it had been a praise to Allah? I have a hard time believing that they would. Lawyers and the threat of lawsuits to stifle activity drive me nuts.

If I read one more supreme court decision mentioning how we have to look to international law as persuasive in our jurisprudence, I am going to vomit. You are the United States Supreme Court, how about you stick to interpreting the laws of this country as ultimately ruled by the Constitution?

Up with states rights, down with the federal government.

Tyranny is upon us in the form of lawyers in black robes.

Hope to see most of you (I know only a couple of people read this thing anyway) at Mark's on Sunday. Clan Anax will be there representing.